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19 January 2013 @ 09:59 pm
I keep meaning to blog with regularity, but I feel I have nothing to say except complaints about my job and I don't want to be one of those blogs again. When I'm not working, I'm either at home RPing or out with friends, and I operate on this weird assumption that those are only interesting to people involved.

That said this is my blog and I do what I want, so let's talk about the RP. Right now we're playing out a plot that has been almost a year in the making, and not entirely because of grand scheming. My grandfather died a year ago on the twelfth, and the night before I posted an entry in which my character's elderly father had a massive heart attack followed by a near-death experience. At roughly four o'clock the following morning my grandfather died of a heart attack. (The part that I continue to feel guilty about is that I woke up around then freaking out and with a strong urge to call my grandfather. I ignored it and went back to bed.)

If I hadn't needed the distraction so badly (and let's be real, felt a tiny bit of obligation) I would have called the plot off and reworked it. But I did and I don't regret it.

I've actually made some vague resolutions, though only one will actually be finished in a year's time. The resolution in question is to manage my time in better ways. I've drifted away from my friends over the course of the past couple of years, and even though the group that most of them consist of do that periodically (Ricean vampires, I swear) I miss them/you guys like hell.

Another long-term resolution is to get into shape, with the end goal being to join the paid fire department by the time I'm thirty-two. I'm leaving myself open to the possibility that I may simply be too far gone as far as physical health goes, but I will feel better about myself if I try and fail than if I don't try. That sentence was only partly a lie.

The third (because I'm all about trios this year) is to determine my personal stance on religion/spirituality. While I naturally lean more toward an atheistic world-view, I've frankly seen and done too much to believe in the complete absence of anything. On the other hand, I view most if not all gods or their religions with a heavy level of suspicion and mockery.

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12 September 2012 @ 08:18 pm
At work today I overheard a little girl asking a new playmate what her name was. The mother of said playmate answered saying that her name was Josie. I hear the first little girl laugh a little, then she said something that drew my full attention.

She started telling the playmate's mother how funny that was, her name being Josie, because her mother named her Bela after Bela Lugosi. I stopped in my tracks, wondering if perhaps the allergy meds have gone to my brain, and heard her explaining to the woman how they rhyme. She then went on to explain how her name is spelled with one L instead of two, and how people get it wrong.

Around that time I noticed a spill and leave to get a mop. As I left, I looked back to see what the girl looked like, for my own curiosity. Of the two families in there, both had blond girls who looked like their mothers. The older-appearing of the girls said something, and though I couldn't understand her words I recognized the voice as belonging to the girl named after an actor.

File this one under actually cool kids, I guess.
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10 July 2012 @ 08:57 pm
What the hell happened, and when?
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07 April 2012 @ 05:21 pm
I kind of want to write a remake of the Sleeping Beauty folktale where the evil fairy met Beauty again as a young woman and fell in love without realizing that was the baby she'd cursed. She only realizes it when she tries to make Beauty immortal and can only manage to alter the curse's form. This is something she does at Beauty's request because the princess feels the same for her, though the fairy never tells Beauty that she was the one to originally curse her.

One ending idea is that Beauty finds that out after the prince wakes her, and is heartbroken enough that she tells the prince her lover's weakness. He uses the knowledge to kill the fairy, and he and Beauty marry. She commits suicide not ten years later, having given him no children.

The other ending (that I like better) is that the fairy and Beauty plan to have someone break the curse, because once its broken the fairy can then make Beauty immortal. The fairy takes the guise of Beauty long enough to make him fall in love with her, because his love's all the curse needs, and lets him find her sleeping. Afterward the fairy bewitches him to never speak nor look for Beauty again and vanishes with her lover to what's now their castle.

I wish I could say the idea was entirely original, but no. It was inspired by this.
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06 April 2012 @ 08:51 pm
After a zillion and one years, chibi!Magnus has been retired as my default on LJ. I've deleted all my DW icons so I can start over, and I'm considering changing my username on both sites. If I find a username free on both sites I might just switch journals.

What can I say? I missed blogging, but damn was there a lot of baggage.
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10 November 2010 @ 10:08 pm
pennydreadful's playlist for her NaNo project is making me want to write Papa D/Vesca fic, set in [personal profile] impulseofwinter's canon to fit the mood (she was originally intended for a non-magic Gotham RP, so yeah.)

My main problem with writing her Vesca is that I'm not sure if he's a good man who's done very bad things, or if he's morally bankrupt one who happens to love his daughter.

I know that he's done and is doing his best to kill Aeron's magic (no exposure to nature, high-dose iron pills, possibly anti-psychotics.) She has no contact with Papa D's family, to the point that she's unaware she has a brother or that she's anything other than human. He's never taken her to a public physician, and done his best to keep her away from any religion or spirituality.

He's also not a demonstrative man, and Aeron herself describes him as scary-looking. They do love each other however, and his opinion means a lot to Aeron.

In this canon, Papa D and Vesca were lovers in university, during which time he encouraged Vesca's desire to join the FBI. Ironically it was the FBI that reunited them, as they ended up working together on a project for the United States government, during which time they became lovers again (though the [x amount of] years they'd been apart had left Papa D crueler, more distant.) This lasted until six months before Papa D's death, at which point he vanished with the virus and Vesca was one of the men who chased him. After his death Vesca had Papa D recorded as biologically female to explain the baby.

Aeron knows that her parents worked together and were lovers, and that she was delivered postmortem. She's also under the impression that Vesca killed Papa D, which may or may not be true, and that talking about her mother pains Vesca, which is both true and a convenient excuse to give few details. She's also met Leon, although she doesn't know his name or his connection to her 'mother'. He showed up one evening when she was about seven and left in the morning without breakfast, which led Aeron to believe he was a one-night stand of her father's that slept in.

I'm also not sure what's happened to Papa D's soul/memories. Aeron doesn't display any of them, though its possible that they've been suppressed. I'd considered Vesca having trapped Papa D's soul inside his body, but I more enjoy the thought that Vesca knows as much as he does about kami through hard work and research (and a few shady dealings.)

Thoughts? Seriously guys, how does this Vesca come across to y'all so far?
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